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boat salesWe are proud to be a supplier of Godfrey and Hurricane boats. We are also a authorized service center for Yamaha outboards. Get out on the water and enjoy the summer! 

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The boat club has had a great season for sales. Boat sales have been on the rise in the past year and prices continue to drop with each new shipment.The boat industry is a multi-billion dollar industry that has seen an increase of about six percent in the last year. Economic instability is making people think twice about spending their money on something so frivolous, but those who do purchase boats are getting more for their money than in previous years.


People are starting to learn how to sail and they are using their boats more often, so boat club memberships are on the rise. In some regions such as Florida’s coastal areas, the popularity of boat clubs has been steady for quite some time.


The number of boat club memberships in Florida is up about 34% from last year, according to statistics from Active Movers Club. The increase in boat club memberships can be attributed to a number of factors including people learning how to sail as well as an increased interest in boating activities. Boating is a popular activity among many generations.


Many people enjoy being out on the water and cruising around while enjoying the scenery that they pass by.


Boat sales have increased by over 300% in the past 5 years. In 2012, there were 3.2 million new boat sales and this number is expected to increase to 6 million by 2020.


There are a variety of reasons for the increase in boat sales including the economic recovery and boaters wanting to take advantage of low interest rates on loans.


Boat clubs are becoming more popular as well as people become more interested in sailing, fishing, or just spending time on the water with friends and family.


Boat clubs offer amenities such as docks, slips, clubhouses with meeting rooms and a bar that members can use for an annual membership fee that can range from $800-$2500 depending on membership type chosen. These fees cover expenses such as insurance coverage for members boats while docked at club facilities plus other recreational amenities such as pool tables, game tables and shuffleboard courts for residents’ enjoyment during their down time from work or when their boats are not in use.


South Bay Marina is a boat sales company. They specialize in the sale, purchase, and brokerage of boats in the Greater Bay Area and beyond. Boats include yachts, runabouts, sportfish, center consoles and more.


They also offer services such as boat registration, boat storage or service. The South Bay Marina is a boat sales company that specializes in the sale of boats in the Greater Bay Area.


South Bay Marina offers services such as annual inspections to protect their customers from harm while on water.


South Bay Marina offers a wide range of boats, ranging from small fishing vessels to large luxury yachts. The company is based in the San Diego Bay area and has been around since 1997. There are many different types of vessels available for purchase. We can help you find the boat that’s right for you!

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