2023 Hurricane Sun Deck 191-OB 150 Yamaha

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overall length

18' 10"



  • Dynamic Dimensions: With an impressive 8′ 5″ beam and a compact 18′ 6″ deck length, your boat is a powerhouse of energy, ready to conquer the waves with style.
  • Featherweight Champion: Despite its power, this vessel maintains a sleek profile, weighing in at 4032 pounds when dry. Light on weight, heavy on excitement!
  • 150 Horses at Your Command: Fueled by a Yamaha 150Hp Outboard engine, your boat embodies pure performance, promising an exhilarating ride for water enthusiasts.
  • Cruise in Comfort: Designed for a crew of 10, your boat ensures everyone on board enjoys a comfortable and thrilling experience.
  • Telescopic Triumph: The telescoping ski tow bar adds a dash of excitement, turning your boat into a water sports haven for enthusiasts of all ages.
  • Stainless Steel Elegance: The stainless steel canopy not only adds durability but also elevates the aesthetic, ensuring your boat stands out on the water.
  • Innovative Navigation: The in-dash depth finder with an in-hull transducer provides real-time insights into the underwater world, adding a layer of sophistication to your voyages.
  • Hydraulic Magic: The Hydraulic Sea Star system, complete with a tilt wheel, ensures effortless and precise control, making every journey a pleasure.
  • Fusion Entertainment: The Fusion system, featuring 4 black speakers with Bluetooth/radio capabilities, transforms your boat into a floating party hub.
  • Anchor in Style: The anchor locker keeps things tidy while ensuring your boat remains steady when you decide to drop anchor and soak in the surroundings.
  • Versatile Accessibility: Bow telescoping and stern telescoping ladders offer easy access for a refreshing dip or waterside lounging.
  • Pitch Black Protection: The boat cover in pitch black not only provides protection but adds a touch of mystery and allure.
  • Hyper Blue Majesty: The hull color in hyper blue/white not only adds vibrancy but also makes a bold statement on the water.
  • Tech-Savvy Convenience: A phone holder ensures your devices are secure and within reach, allowing you to capture and share every thrilling moment.
  • Sporty Steering Elegance: The upgraded sport steering wheel adds a touch of sportiness to the helm, making you feel like the captain of a high-performance vessel.
  • Venture Trailer Included


  • LIMITED LIFETIME: HULL & TRANSOM High-quality materials and premier manufacturing techniques are used to create a hull & transom that deserve a limited lifetime warranty.
  • 5 YEAR: VINYL All Hurricane upholstery is crafted by skilled workers using advanced automated equipment. This ensures all pieces are cut and assembled to our high standards. Heavy-duty expanded vinyl is also used for quality fit and finish, and comes with a 5-year warranty.
  • 5 YEAR: FLOORING Hurricane Boats warrants the carpeting, the canopy fabric, and furniture upholstery materials for a period of five years. This warranty extends to the first retail purchaser only and begins on date of delivery to first retail purchaser.
  • 1 YEAR: COMPONENTS Hurricane Boats warrants all components (stereo, guages, etc.) for up to one full year from date of purchase.


In addition to our exceptional warranties, all our deck boats are NMMA Certified. This gives you the assurance that it meets, and often exceeds, the industry’s strictest quality and safety standards. According to the U.S. Coast Guard, certified boats are statistically safer that non-certified boats.

Trailer not included in listed price, can be purchased for an additional cost.
Dock slip available 

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