2023 Hurricane Sun Deck 191-OB Shadow Gray 150HP Yamaha



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overall length

18' 10"


Yamaha 150hp


  • Compact Dimensions: With a beam of 8 feet 6 inches and a deck length of 18 feet 6 inches, this boat strikes a balance between maneuverability and ample deck space.
  • Moderate Weight: Weighing in at 4014 pounds when dry, the boat ensures stability and ease of handling on the water.
  • Powerful Yamaha Engine: Fueled by a Yamaha 150Hp outboard engine, this vessel combines efficiency with performance, providing the power needed for various water activities.
  • Passenger-Friendly Design: With a capacity for 10 passengers, the boat is designed for socializing, family outings, and other water-based adventures.
  • Versatile Total Weight Capacity: The boat’s total weight capacity of 1365 pounds allows for a combination of passengers and gear, ensuring a versatile on-water experience.
  • Towing Capability: The ski tow bar adds versatility for water sports enthusiasts, providing the necessary equipment for activities like water skiing
  • Stainless Steel Canopy: The stainless steel canopy not only adds durability but also provides a stylish shade for passengers on sunny days.
  • In-Dash Depth Finder: Equipped with an in-dash depth finder and in-hull transducer, this boat ensures navigational confidence and underwater awareness.
  • Hydraulic Sea Star Steering with Tilt Wheel: The hydraulic Sea Star steering system with a tilt wheel enhances maneuverability, allowing for precise control and a comfortable steering experience.
  • Entertainment Hub: The Fusion system, featuring four black speakers with Bluetooth/radio capabilities, turns your boat into a floating concert, enhancing the ambiance for every journey.
  • Convenience Features: The anchor locker, telescoping bow and stern ladders, phone holder, and upgraded sport steering wheel all contribute to the overall convenience and style of the boat.
  • Pitch Black Boat Cover: The pitch-black boat cover not only provides protection but also adds a sleek and stylish look to your vessel.
  • Marine Mat: The snap-in gray marine mat with black lines in the cockpit enhances comfort and adds a touch of luxury to your boat

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