NEW 2024 Godfrey Monaco MC235SFL Tri-toon 250HP Yamaha



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overall length



Yamaha 250 VMAX SHO


  • Sleek Design: With a beam of 8 feet 6 inches and an overall length extending to an impressive 23 feet 11 inches, this boat offers a harmonious and spacious design.
  • Sturdy Build: Weighing in at 3,115 pounds when dry, this boat ensures a stable and secure ride on the water. The heavy-duty channels contribute to its robust construction, providing durability for all your aquatic adventures.
  • Versatile Capacity: Accommodating up to 16 passengers, your boat transforms into a floating haven for social gatherings, family escapades, and making cherished memories on the water.
  • Tri-Toon Superiority: The pontoon diameter of 27″ (outer tubes) and Tritoon diameter of 29″ (impact inner tube) ensure stability, buoyancy, and exceptional performance on the water.
  • Powerful Propulsion: Fueled by a Yamaha 250hp Outboard engine, this vessel not only cruises with grace but also packs a punch, allowing for thrilling adventures and water sports.
  • Ample Fuel Capacity: The 61-gallon fuel tank provides an extensive range, ensuring you can explore distant horizons with confidence and ease.
  • Luxurious Captain’s Chair: The captain’s chair upgrade, complete with swivel, slider, reclining function, fold-down arms, and a 10″ fixed pedestal, offers the ultimate in comfort and control for the captain.
  • Navigation Excellence: The Lowrance Hook 5 chart plotter/fish finder elevates your boating experience with advanced navigation and fish-finding capabilities, ensuring you’re always in command on the water.
  • Extreme Steering: The extreme steering with tilt wheel enhances maneuverability, providing a responsive and precise control experience.
  • Entertainment Oasis: The Fusion system, complemented by four black speakers with Bluetooth and radio capabilities, turns your boat into a floating concert, setting the perfect ambiance for your journeys.
  • Aluminum Canopy Brackets: Ensuring durability and longevity, the aluminum canopy brackets add a touch of reliability to your onboard shade.
  • Comfort in Every Detail: The captain’s chair is not just about control; it’s a throne of comfort. The swivel, slider, reclining function, and fold-down arms create an ergonomic and luxurious seating experience.

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